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    Marie Ortiz - Owner and Certified Level III SuperSlow Zone® Instructor

    Marie (“Ree”) Ortiz has been a resident of San Jose and the Evergreen community for over 20 years, and is a native Californian. Certified in 2008 as an instructor in the SuperSlow technique, and then certified as Level II, then Level III in 2010, she embraced SuperSlow as a part of her personal training in 2006 and has never looked back. “SuperSlow’s all-body workout is probably THE most effective, and efficient, exercise to work into the busy schedules of those living and working in Silicon Valley” she says. “Be it the golfer or skier building underlying muscle to support their sport, the over-30 crowd worried about the muscular loss we all experience, someone looking for a “safe” way to exercise, or the executive that simply does not have TIME to fit exercise into their schedule, SuperSlow has proven results.”

    Marie is a seasoned veteran of startup & technology firms including E*Trade, McAfee, ZANTAZ & Charles Schwab, with a strong background in operations, M&A, service, and product design (amongst other things) joining the entrepreneur sector to drive growth in this exciting industry. “Health and fitness is critical to all of us”, she says, “and I love nothing better than finding a way to enable clients in achieving their fitness goals. It really is what this is all about – making a positive difference in the lifestyles of those we serve.”

      Julie Vaiz, Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor

      Julie Vaiz has been a resident of San Jose for 10 years and is a native Californian. Certified since 2008 in the SuperSlow protocol, Julie is excited not just about SuperSlow as a part of HER exercise regimen, but for what it can do for others. “I believe it is very important for individuals to be physically active in order to increase physical strength, endurance, and energy used in everyday life. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle you will not only feel great, but also be able to get the most out of life physically, mentally, and emotionally”.

      Julie is a graduate of Live Oak in Morgan Hill, and attended Gavilan College in Gilroy. Her background in business includes a licensed Realtor in Silicon Valley, Notary public, Life License agent, and many years in lending. Coming from the business sector, Julie believes “business and fitness go hand in hand; you can’t be successful in one without the other”. She notes “I want people to realize that they are their #1 investment”.

        Rebecca (Becky) Tyrrell, Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor:

        Rebecca (Becky) Tyrrell is a native Hoosier (for you Californians, that’s a Midwestern Indiana girl). She moved to San Jose in summer of 2010. She began as a client with SuperSlow five years ago in her hometown and was hooked immediately. She says, “It’s one of the best investments I could make in my body and my wellness”. Becky believes deeply in the wellness of our bodies, which she says “is foundational to our overall wellness in life”.

        Becky has a 20-year background in advertising and marketing with an undergraduate in psychology. She moved to California for graduate school, where she is working on her masters in Holistic Counseling at JFK University in San Jose. This prepares her for a license as a Marriage and Family therapist. She feels SuperSlow is a perfect fit with her holistic view, in that care must involve all aspects of our being – mental, psychological, spiritual and physical. She was asked to join the Silver Creek SuperSlow team and became certified as an instructor in February of 2012. She is truly excited about being able to support you on your journey of wellness!



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