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Exercise StudioSuper Slow Zone workoutStay in shape for lifeClients StatsLocations
Exercise StudioSuper Slow Zone workoutStay in shape for lifeClients StatsLocations

Personal Trainer in San Jose

A Typical SuperSlow Zone® Workout

Clutter-free, casually elegant environment.

Our location is a clutter-free, casually elegant “professional service” [not a ‘gym’] providing the definitive ideal exercise environment:

  • Arrive to a clean comfortable environment
  • Exercise in what you have on for the day or change
  • Climate controlled and distraction-free
  • One client + one Accredited, Certified SuperSlow Zone® Instructor
SuperSlow Zone® personal strength training.

The safest, most productive 20 minutes of effective exercise. A positive atmosphere – it’s inspiring!

  • Professional coaching by a Certified Instructor
  • Consistently attentive and encouraging feedback
  • Distraction-free, no annoyance, ideal environment
  • Exercise on five to seven state-of-the art machines
  • Maximum Results In Minimum Time
Depart sweat-free and feeling great!

Done in about 20 minutes, you feel a sense of accomplishment, energy and power. Knowing you take good care of yourself creates a peace of mind which ripples through all areas of your life. A few benefits are:

  • Increased strength & endurance
  • Reduced stress & muscle tension
  • Improved sleep
  • Boost metabolism
  • Increased focus and stable energy

Personal Trainers in San Jose

Exercise with your Personal Trainers in San Jose in either the clothes you have on or your work out clothes.

SuperSlow Zone® System in Silver Creek provides Personal Training in an accredited, high intensity, low force exercise strengthening protocol (method).

It’s quick. It’s effective. It’s based on science, with a distinctive 29 year history. Expert-supervised each minute, your Accredited, Certified Instructor personalizes your session to ensure you have a complete, total body, safe work out every time. It is ideal and beneficial for all ages and abilities, including rehabilitation, clients with minor to major medical challenges, bodybuilding, weight loss and the general exerciser.

Exercise 1 to 2 times a week depending on your goals. Your knowledgeable, professional Instructor is, first and foremost, focused on your needs and results and the value this imparts to your life. Always on time, and always attentive, your Instructor helps you sustain maximum results and rewards in minimum time. Recapture valuable time to your life, peace of mind by taking care of yourself and greater enjoyment through increased strength, health and vitality.

National Success Stories

George I have been practicing SuperSlow Zone® for over 15 years. There have been a few times that my workout schedule has been interrupted due to relocation. I definitely feel and see the difference after continuing my workouts. I currently drive 50 minutes to get to my SuperSlow Zone®…

George S. – Age 51, Designer

Karla I have been working out regularly at SuperSlow Zone® since July 2005. Before that, I had been going to a local gym, which was okay, but after some time it became very boring. And I began making excuses and stopped going. As a woman in my early fifties, I was very aware of the extreme importance of keeping my body in shape…

Karla W. – Age 58, Retired

Sandra I have always wanted to try a personal trainer but was either too lazy or too embarrassed to figure out how to get one at the local “Y” or the local gym. While driving up and down Route 31 the SuperSlow Zone® signs caught my eye and I was very curious about several things…

Sandra G. – Age 55+ , Career Transition Consultant

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